People perform better at work, and in life, when they are well supported. Investing in employee wellbeing can lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty, improved productivity, a stronger workforce and a healthier bottom line. Workplace Options is solely focused on employee wellbeing and has been built with the single purpose of helping workers and their families around the world.

How Our Wellbeing Services Help

Emotional Support
Our counseling and critical incident response services provide 24/7 support, guidance, and information for workers, their families, and organizations around the globe.
Practical Support
Qualified consultants provide information and resources to employees to help them manage life’s challenges and prepare them to be more efficient and effective at work, and throughout their lives.
Physical Support
Personalized coaching on topics such as weight management, tobacco cessation, fitness and exercise, nutrition and stress management can help employees lead healthier lives.

About Workplace Options

We are the world’s largest privately owned and independent provider of integrated employee wellbeing solutions. That gives us the freedom to be more responsive, pioneer new wellbeing programs and technologies and co-develop and customize products. Our focus on client satisfaction and commitment to investing in our worldwide infrastructure brings millions of employees exceptional support services around the globe.


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Who We Serve

Workplace Options global presence and services provide many benefits to different groups on both organizational and individual levels.

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Why Choose
Workplace Options?

Our ongoing commitment to innovation, security and technological development drives the wellbeing industry forward to new levels of effectiveness, information, efficiency and connectivity.

With ongoing investments in our capabilities and facilities worldwide, our worldwide service centers and a global network of more than 83,000 providers, you can rely on Workplace Options to create a seamless solution.

We continuously strive to improve and expand our ability to provide high-quality services for employees’ emotional, practical, and physical wellbeing. Our expert team is well credentialed, and we are committed to the ongoing pursuit of delivering consistent, exceptional-quality service.

Our satisfaction surveys show that more than 98% of respondents that we served felt we cared about them and their request, that we helped them and that their company made the right decision in hiring us to provide services.

We can tailor an employee wellbeing program to your specific needs. You can choose options to support or bolster an existing program, or begin a new one, using some or all of our services. We are here to help.

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Aware is a mindfulness-based stress reduction program that helps employees meaningfully engage in the present moment. It offers a research-based approach to stress management. Individuals who engage in this program learn to counteract stress, reduce distracted living, establish greater mind-body balance, and proactively stimulate wellbeing.

WPO releases new Workplace Stress Index highlighting top employee health concerns

Employees reaching out for emotional support for work-related concerns are most likely to cite problems with daily work activities, which include lack of autonomy, conflicting tasks, unclear objectives and lack of clarity regarding their role and mission. This according to the global Workplace Stress Index released today by leading wellbeing provider Workplace Options (WPO). Poor…

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