HR & Business Support

Tools that support corporate governance, company policies, and legal requirements

Support for compliance, disaster recovery, training, and more are available to assist organizations with important matters. Help with business continuity, confidential grievance reporting, and a wide variety of online seminars with custom options for management are available in this suite of products.

Organizations have a long list of responsibilities and requirements. From legal compliance to disaster recovery, training, grievance management and more, it can be very difficult to do everything by yourself.

Workplace Options offers a variety of products and services that can help HR departments, and organizations as a whole, to fulfill their responsibilities to their employees, and their customers and assist with important matters.

Our team can provide trainings on a variety of important topics for employees and managers. Our experts can provide consulting services for an organization who may want additional perspective on employee wellbeing, business, work-life strategy, programs innovation and outcome measurement, just to name a few topics.

There is even a service available to extend support to your customers in the event that they have been affected by a critical incident.

Additional details about some of our HR & business support products and services are included below.

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Note: available services may vary by market.