Labor Solutions

A set of mobile-based tools designed to improve worker voice, engagement and wellbeing

Organizations need to keep their workers engaged, and communicate with them effectively to maintain efficiency, and function at a high level.

Workplace Options can help with a set of mobile phone-based tools designed to improve worker voice, engagement and wellbeing in a variety of business, manufacturing, farming, mining and other environments.

With a mobile-based tool that provides both broadcast messaging capability and a global, two-way corporate communication platform where workers can send anonymous questions and grievances directly to management, organizations can get actionable information from their workforces.

An interactive coaching tool focuses on worker wellbeing providing information and guidance on physical, emotional and practical wellness topics to help workers to be at their best and most focused.

Surveys with multiple options for deployment, and available customization can provide organizations with data about their workers wellbeing, engagement, and knowledge about topics such as workers’ rights and harassment in the workplace. Such data can allow organizations to strategize about worker engagement, communication and education to improve relations, efficiency and to help them keep compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Workplace Options Labor Solutions suite of products also offers a telephone line where workers can confidentially report workplace grievances, compliance issues, take company-wide surveys and more, from anywhere in the world.

Our customizable tools allow you to access the information you need, whether you are a worker, supplier, or buyer. We provide online reports to give you the data you need to make effective decisions. Communication, coaching, survey, grievance management and other tools help businesses to analyze workforces and make adjustments to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Additional details about some of our Labor Solutions products and services are included below.

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Note: available services may vary by market.