Physical Wellbeing Support

Live well, work well.

People who want to be at their best often need support to help them take care of their physical wellbeing. Busy schedules, stressors, and negative habits can lead to unhealthy lifestyles which can cause health issues that affect their lives and reduce their effectiveness at work.

Physical support services like wellness coaching, health screenings and tobacco cessation programs can help individuals to lead healthier lives, and be at their best.

Workplace Options wellness coaches are available to individuals for telephone coaching and support for wellness initiatives including weight loss, fitness, nutrition, stress management and other lifestyle improvement topics.

At Workplace Options, we train our own coaches and provide oversight and development which is recognized by the ICF and NBHWC.

Our tobacco cessation program offers personalized quit plans and consistent coaching support to assist individuals with their goals to stop using tobacco.

On-site biometric health screenings can provide individuals with important information, and give organizations data to help them address health issues among their worker populations.

Additional details about some of our physical wellbeing support products and services are included below.

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