Critical Incident Support

Flexible, worldwide, fast, responsive, integrated support for crisis situations.

Sometimes events occur that can disrupt our lives and our work.  In many cases they are unavoidable and can happen without warning. A traumatic event can create situations where working people and their loved ones need extra support.

Crisis support, like Workplace Options’ Rapid Response Critical Incident services, can help minimize the impact of traumatic events on a workplace and the individuals who work there.

Workplace Options crisis response team is available to assist with emotional, practical and physical support after a crisis.  The effects on a workforce after events like the death of an employee, a workplace accident, a natural disaster, an act of violence or terrorism, or other such situations can be reduced in severity and duration when trauma professionals come on-site to help an organization manage a response.

Services may include face-to-face counseling, structured telephonic counseling, contacts for organizations that can help with legal, financial and other practical concerns, and more.

Rapid Response Critical Incident can be set up quickly, when needed, and a hotline for employees’ phone calls can be set up for counseling within 24 to 48 hours or a request.

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